Courtney Humphreys

As a toddler, Courtney Humphreys wouldn’t leave the house unless her socks were perfectly even and matched to both sides – it was a sign of things to come. As a buyer for high-end brand Oroton, Courtney was surrounded by style but, she says, something was missing. She found that something five years ago when her break came: the style director at Channel Seven recognised Courtney’s flair for fashion, her work ethic and ability to work in a team under pressure, and promptly employed as head stylist at Australia’s biggest network. “It was a sink or swim moment” Courtney acknowledges. She swam - beautifully.

Courtney has gone on to study fashion, the industry and media, which has only fuelled her passion for international trends, and picking winners in the fast-moving world of fashion. “I love the history of fashion, the psychology and economics driving the consumer’s choice” she says. Courteney enjoys working within a narrative; is great with colours and shapes and unstoppable in finding the best products to work with. She is particularly drawn to a modern 70s aesthetic, quirky uses of colour or a whimsical Australiana feel. Her boundless upbeat energy on set has delighted her many return clients from Marcs to David Lawrence, and Lee Riders.