Cara O’Dowd

Photography is in Cara O’Dowd’s blood. “My first memory is sitting in a darkroom after a day shooting sports or portraits with my grandfather, who was a photographer for the local paper. I used to sit next to Pop while he cracked open the film canisters, loaded them onto spools and readied them for developing. It was a process I grew to love. I also remember the thrill of seeing my first image in the newspaper - It was a boy playing tennis, I was 11 years old”.

Cara went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Commercial Photography at RMIT in Melbourne and then studied in the UK before embarking on a career where she combines her grandfather’s can-do approach with her strong feminine style, love of vast and stunning locations, and extraordinary technical lighting skills. They are talents that have resonated with her many fashion clients including Nancy Ganz, Shona Joy, Industrie, Myer, Binnywear, Megan Park, Jactina James, Camilla and Marc and Samantha Willis.