Yolanda Lukowski

When Yolanda became one of the most sought-after artists in Australia, the last person to be surprised was her mum. “My mum was an Avon lady in the ’80s. I used to play with her samples, and I remember drawing butterflies on my face with her most expensive makeup” she smiles. “Mum wasn’t happy at the time, but my creativity started young.”

Fast forward through 20 years of professional artistry, including training by a Hollywood master and being employed on global brand teams, Yolanda is now one of Australia’s busiest makeup artists. She is known not just for her beautiful work - she’s made up everyone from Lily Allen to Jordan Barrett - but for her professionalism, and bringing a lovely energy to even the most stressful set. There’s a special relationship between talent and a makeup artist and Yolanda brings not just elegance, speed and precision to her work, but a calm, positive influence that helps ensure a successful shoot, and makes her much-loved by her colleagues, clients and talent.